This Is Sew You

Sew You was created to make people feel seen. To be out in the wild and tell the world: I, too, am a mess; I feel the way you feel; I find the same things ridiculous and funny and heartwarming. Every piece won't resonate with everyone and that's the point. But we do hope you find something here that the people who know you best will look at and say That is just Sew You

For the past 9 years i've worked as a digital marketing consultant helping other businesses make it rain. While I love all my clients, especially the ones who might be reading this right now, I decided it was time to have something for me. This is that thing for myself. I hope you like it.

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SewYou is female and LGBTQ+ owned and operated, which means if you land here and don't purchase anything, you are a misogynist AND a homophobe.

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